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Some days I feel as though I may as well have stayed married. Video games have become so important to so many people that using that as a reason to get divorced seems pointless now. Hypocritical even. My son who will get upset because he gets so little time with me even now sits there glued to his wii. My boyfriend glued right along beside him. To his credit, at the very least, he did notice that something was wrong. More than my ex-husband would have. But how do you make a point of saying that you enjoy brushing your teeth alongside me and then Kirby becomes so engrossing that you no longer wish to when given an open invitation to? I assume that now, instead of spending the day together, we shall all sit here as my son takes after his father and my boyfriend proves that all men are the same in some way, shape, or form. What makes this worse? Half the time he isn’t playing the game so much as just listening to the music on it or reading the descriptions of each enemy. I mean, he has beaten the game already anyways.

To further argue my case, may I present the case of my best friend and her marriage. She was cheating on her husband for months and why? Because she felt neglected. Now, do two wrongs make a right? No, of course not. But you can’t exactly fault her. She wanted to be loved. To be important to someone and, as far as her marriage was/is concerned, she wasn’t. Because the XBOX became far more important than she had to her husband. Most days she prefers to be at work than at home. This seems to be the case of most relationship I encounter in the technological day and age. Even her best friend is stuck in the same kind of marriage. Why is this the case? Is it at the fault of the woman? Is it at the fault of the guy? Or is it simply the case because it is? Should they share responsibility for this failed relationship? I don’t know. But since I am right back where I started, maybe I can find out just exactly why.


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